How would you like to learn how to better handle your money?

This fall our church will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and you won't want to miss it.

There will be 9 sessions in 6 weeks in which we will be covering topics from how to set up a personal or family budget to how to start saving for college and how to prepare for retirement.

Lesson Days and Times:

Super Saving 09-04-2016 | 5:00pm


Relating With Money 09-11-2016 | 5:00pm
Cash Flow Planning 09-15-2016 | 6:30pm
Dumping Debt 09-18-2016 | 5:00pm
Buyer Beware 09-22-2016 | 6:30pm
The Role of Insurance 09-25-2016 | 5:00pm
Retirement and College Planning 10-02-2016 | 5:00pm
Real Estate and Mortgages 10-06-2016 | 6:30pm
The Great Misunderstanding 10-09-2016 | 5:00pm

To find our more about the the program check out the links below:

What is Financial Peace University?


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